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The chance arrival of these two ships
will affect the fortunes of the Mooachahts
to say nothing of their descendants.
Already they have begun to appreciate
the advantage of newly acquired wealth,
their ability to purchase food and furs
with the currency of the metal they possess.
And they begin to experiment with tin cups
and copper kettles and pewter basins to boil
water over a fire, instead of the old slow
method of having a slave drop hot rocks
into a basket of water. They stay busy
beating out pieces of iron and brass into
arrow-tips, knife-blades, splitting-wedges,
harpoon-heads, bracelets, nose-rings. They
take up new tools to resume their work
in wood. A busy time for artisans and artists,
for there is going to be a great potlatch,
one of many celebrations to promote
the fame of Tsaxawasip, who will call himself
Maquinna, becoming a most influencial
personality on this coastline, though writers
will include and confuse him with his heirs,
as Nootka Sound becomes a name in logs
of trading ships, a node on navigators' charts,
a point on maps of European diplomats.

Freindly Cove: 1792
Friendly Cove: 1792.

Nothing is entirely separate, for we also participate in those events, you and I, standing or sitting and thinking of those specific individuals and actions, those particles and waves, interacting with my consciousness, as these words interact with yours, and you in your turn inluence the quality and intensity of my experience, for my concern for you affects my care and approach to what I write. And in some similar fashion those others are constrained and influenced by our remote participation, their actions and attitudes touched and turned by my act of reiteration and your act of interpretation. Such loops are the links in a chain that binds the universe, even as it flies apart.


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